Vernadsky Institute Laboratory fo Comparative Planetology Planets

Terms of Use Resources:

1) General rules:

  •  When you use the Materials including images, movies, numerical data, text, etc., on this website, you are requested to put a credit such as (c) or provided by Laboratory of Planetology, Vernadsky Institute, Russian Academy of Science to clarify their source for all the Material.

2) For Scientific Use:

  •  If you use scientific data (such as specific data or products without watermark signs) for your scientific research, please make an acknowledgement, similar to the following, in any resulting publications.: "This research made use data of Laboratory of Comparative Planetology, Vernadsky Institute, Russian Academy of Science.”
  •  Please contact atbas @ geokhi . ru if you plan to publish a paper using the Materials on this website.
  •  When education and public outreach (EPO) data ( such as image, drawing, text data, voice data, video data, movies etc.) are used for the scientific research, the Laboratory has no responsibility for the result at all.

3) Usage fee / Royalty:

  •  When you use the Materials for personal, educational or scientific purpose, you can use free of charge both scientific data and EPO data if you follow the above rule 1) and 2) in private purpose, educational teaching in class room. However, as mentioned on the Policy of Planetology Laboratory Site, you are prohibited from redistributing the Materials via internet.
  •  When you use the Materials for a business or commercial purpose, we will charge a royalty fee for the usage of the Materials. Please contact us if you are interested in using the Materials for a business or commercial purpose.

4) Inquiries:

  •  If you have any questions about the terms of use, please contact atbas @ geokhi . ru.



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